Breeding Philosophy

At Bradley 3 Ranch, our goal is to produce predictable genetics for commercial beef producers that wean the most quality pounds from cows exposed to calves weaned. Therefore, we concentrate our breeding efforts on the beef industry's most basic traits while employing the industry's latest technology. Fertility, easy calving, easy fleshing, soundness, high performance, muscle and carcass value. Our experience in the meat business has helped us develop an understanding of the entire food chain, from the cow-calf producer to the consumer at the meat case. These valuable lessons are used in our ranch management decisions everyday.

The Bradley cow herd runs in some of the Texas Panhandle's roughest country. Our rough country emphasizes the importance of an easy fleshing, moderate cow herd with good feet and sound structure. B3R donor cows are proven cows, not prospects. Our donors are cows that have proven to be sound, structurally correct and capable of covering long distances. If maternal traits are important to your program, pedigrees that carry some of these donor cows will add maternal traits to your herd. For instance, a bull that sells in our sale who has three donor cows in his pedigree would have at least 30 years of proven maternal ability backing him genetically. Few, if any, other Angus breeders can make this claim in the bulls they market!

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