Bradley 3 Ranch is Texas' Number 1 Pathfinder Home Again


Bradley 3 Ranch was once again recognized by the American Angus Association as the operation with the largest number of Pathfinder cows in Texas. The ranch also produced two bulls that qualified as Pathfinder sires.

According to the American Angus Association, "The Pathfinder Angus program was started in 1978 in an effort to identify superior cows in the breed based on their records of performance from Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR). In identifying these superior cows, emphasis was placed on early puberty, breeding and early calving, followed by regularity of calving and above-average performance of the offspring."

"While outstanding cows can be identified after their first or second calves, the Pathfinder Report requires a minimum of three calves from a cow to determine her regularity of calving and ability to produce superior calves for weaning weight year after year. In addition, an important part of the report is the list of bulls that have sired five or more qualifying females."

In addition, bulls that have sired a minimum of five or more Pathfinder cows are listed as Pathfinder sires in this report.

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