Sale Report

2016 Sale Report

July 8, 2016

Bradley 3 Ranch 5th Annual "Just Weaned" Heifer Sale Results

For the past five years, the historic Bradley 3 Ranch has offered a select group of weaned heifers for sale. This year, the sale featured 65 registered Angus and Charolais heifers. The Angus heifers ranked in the top 15% of the breed for calving ease and top 2% of the breed for $Energy, an indicator of annual maintenance costs. The Angus heifers were genomically tested and represented a truly elite offering of young potential replacement females and show heifer prospects.

Top selling heifers were Lots 12 and 32, selling for $2,300 each. Lot 12 was sired by B3R Grass Master and posted an impressive 130 weaning weight ratio. Her +.94 marbling EPD ranks her in the top 15% of the Angus breed. Lot 32 is a line bred extreme calving ease and is destined to be one of the lowest input females on the ranch. Her +22 CED, +24 HP, +31 DOC, combined with -2.9 BW and +26.85 $EN are an indication of the generations of low input performance genetics stacked into her pedigree.

Next high selling heifer was Lot 51, a complete package sired by B3R Pioneer Wave Y409, the record selling bull at B3R. Y409's data continues to increase, with +1.06 marbling EPD and +1.50 REA EPD, still maintaining a +10 calving ease and top 5% of the Angus breed $Beef.

The heifers sold to four states, including the volume buyer in New Mexico.

A part of the north Texas landscape for more than five decades, the modern day Bradley 3 Ranch is a trusted beef operation located in the Panhandle counties of Childress and Donley. The cow herd consists of Angus and Charolais genetics, focusing on fertility, calving ease, soundness and end product merit. The Bradley 3 Ranch annual bull sale is held on the second Saturday in February each year.

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